WhatsApp latest feature “ignore annoying chats”

WhatsApp developed a its previously announced “vacation mode”,but has changed its name to “Ignore Archived Chats” and added certain tweaks ot its functionality for android users.this feature was found in Android beta version 2.19.101 WABetaInfo.

It was announced last October, the old test feature “vacation mode” prevented chat from getting unarchived only if the chat were muted.

Along with this ,whats App will also add a new Archived cell within the main chat window. The company has not specified any time for roll out this feature as it is still in developmental stage.


  • Started allowing user to choose a total of 30 audio file to send at once

Upcoming feature

  • Testing Forwarding Info
  • Frequently Forwarded Message
  • Check the spread of misinformation
  • Dark Mode
  • Consecutive voice message
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Authentication feature
  • In-app Browser
  • search image feature

WhatsApp Working on apple ipad and will have a UI which is compatible with ipad.

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