Google I/O 2019 Keynote

google keynote I/O 2019 sunderpichai

Time for Googlr I/O the search engine’s annual developer conference kicks off in Mountain View,california.

Google Duplex

  • Google first announced its voice assistant Duplex last year. that uses human- sounding artifical intelligence software to book restaurant reservations and appointment.
  • Search giant announced update to duplex called “Duplex on the Web” that’ll allow it to make more types of booking. Now it will also able to handle car rentals and movie tickets booking.
  • Here’s how it works:
  • You’d say something like, “Hey Google, get me a rental car from National for my next trip.” The Assistant then pulls up National’s website on your phone and starts filling out the fields in real time.
  •  Whenever the system needs more information, like a price or seat selection, the process pauses and prompts you to make a selection. When it’s done, you tap to confirm the booking or payment.
  • The system fills out the form by using data culled from your calendar, Gmail inbox and Chrome autofill (like your credit card information and login info). The update will launch later this year on Android phones.
  • The tech brought to life a vision of what a voice assistant could sound like in the future: Natural and lifelike, instead of the semirobitic, disembodied voice you hear coming from a Google Home or Amazon Echo today.

Google Assistant

How it works:

Hey, Google,” manager, using the wake words that trigger the software on smartphone. Then it’s off to the races as she shoots off 12 commands in rapid-fire succession.

“Open the New York Times … Open YouTube … Open Netflix … Open Calendar … Set a timer for 5 minutes … What’s the weather today? … How about tomorrow? … Show me John Legend on Twitter … Show me Beyoncé on Instagram … Turn on the flashlight … Turn it off … Get an Uber to my hotel.”

As she asks each question,the phone pops up the new information. the whole sequence takes 41 seconds.She doesn’t have to repeat the wake word between commands.

Making Google Assistant a success is key for the world’s biggest search service, which delivers answers to over a trillion searches a year. Many of us are moving away from looking for information by typing on our computers and instead talking to our smartphones and smart speakers. Google is now racing with Amazon, and its Alexa voice assistant, and Apple, with Siri, to give us the instant gratification we increasingly expect from our always-connected devices.

Live Caption

Google bring live caption to all videos. when you watch a video, whether it’s on camera roll,on app and web or even video chat, google soon begin adding subtitles to said right underneath.

 The company says it’s built this for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but some people might also use this when they’re watching videos in public and want to keep the volume low or while they’re on a call.

Nest Hub Max

Google Home line will now be re branded under the Google Nest umbrella. It announced a new product for the line called the $229 Nest Hub Max, which is essentially a combination of the Nest camera, Google Home Hub and the Google Home Max. offering a security camera.

Incognito Mode On Maps

New Incognito mode in Google maps to minimize tracking and have more private web life for its users.this update will be out in a weak both web and app.

Google Lens

It will be able to search for exact dish look likes before ordering. it has camera that brings up a calculator and lets user add a tip and then split the bill or
sign in a foreign language to hear a text-to-speech translation live, which will be offered in over a dozen languages, according to Google.

 Android Q Beta versions

Android Q Beta 3 brings a handful of new features to the platform, including Dark Mode, but for those of us without Pixel devices, you may also want to check out our overviews of the new features from Beta 1 and Beta 2. Android is able to receive updates faster than ever before without too much effort. This has made it possible for the Android Q Beta .

You can click your specific device for details about the Android Q beta.

Pixel 3a And Pixel 3a XL

NewPixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones official. Both phones will be available unlocked, as well as from Verizon and T-Mobile. The pricing of these phones start at $399

Image Source- Google I/O 2019, BGR

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