Huawei Mate X: 5G Foldable phone

Huawei has released its Mate X folding smartphone that bend around the exterior of the device.The device transform from an 8 inch tablet to 6.6 inch smartphone.

We have seen recently the Samsung galaxy Fold . The future technology Welcome to the foldable phone revolution.

When unfolded,the screen becomes smooth,that flat surface with a thickness of 5.4 millimeters.when folded the ttwo screen fit together and measure in at 11 millimeters thick.

The Screen features an organic light emitting diode(OLED) display,in which pixel provide own illumination by an LED back light.

The Chinese tech giant launch of Mate X at 2019 mobile world congress in Barcelona on Sunday 24 February.

As a new breed of smartphones, Huawei Mate X Combines 5G, Foldable screen, AI and provide unprecedented user experience of other feature a split screen which allows user to write, emails or watching video.

The fingerprint sensor into the power switch button ,enabling users to securely open the device.Mate X as multi-lens Lecia camera integrated on the front and back of the device,same quality camera for taking selfies as it does for rear-facing images.

Mate X as 5G evolution that boasts a dual sim (with four integrated 5G antennae) that support to 2G, 3G, 4G AND 5G network signals across the globe. It is supported by 4500 mAh powerful battery,which can charge to 85 percent in just 30 minutes.

Mate X come at higher price of $2,600.


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