Dji Robomaster S1 Educational Toy

Dji has entered into four wheel drive for educational, programming, robotics and AI.

The Robomaster S1 is feature brushless motors that drive (each with 12 rollers) attached to an omnidirectional chassis.With high precision gimbal with an infrared blaster launches nontoxic gel beads and it has 31 sensors that help the S1 to map.

Programming is done via a tablet or smartphone which can also be used to control the S1. Use the 1080/720 gimbal camera to enjoy an first-person experience and have fun playing solo or multiplayer games against other S1 robots. On the top that livestreams footage . S1 comes with preloaded with interactive modes for play and competition.

The S1 sales starting june 12 in Dji. it cost around 500$ (link)

It supports programming languages such as Python and Scratch 3.0.

What the RoboMaster can do is entirely up to you and how you combine the six different recognition functions. They include a combination of visual and audio recognition abilities

Line Follow: Create your own fun and interactive course for the S1 to automatically follow
Vision Markers: The S1 can recognize and react to up to 44 visual markets such as numbers, letters, and special characters
Follow: You can give the S1 the ability to track and follow a person in its field of vision
Clap: Program responses to audible clapping based on varying rhythms and quantity of claps
Hand Gestures: The S1 can respond to an array of physical hand gestures
S1 Robots: Your S1 can recognize other S1 robots and perform custom movements based on your programming.

If you think you’re the hottest bot-builder on you block,you can look forward to Dji’s first RoboMaster S1 challenge this August in Shenzhen china.

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